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Field Technicians

  • Are well versed in hydraulic logic regarding piping.
  • Offer pre-planning and suggested pipe routing which suits the TMI® Piping System.
  • Are qualified instructors on the proper use of our field installation equipment, such as: pipe/tube benders, hose crimpers, flaring machines and pressure testing/flushing equipment.
  • Are qualified to layout the flushing/pressure testing circuits, requisition the required interconnect materials and implement the flushing procedure.
  • Are hands-on technicians with the capability of installing the TMI® Piping System should this service be requested.
  • Coordinate the tasks of the installation crew to maintain the schedule and quality of the overall installation.
  • Communicate with the installation contractor or owner's rep together with our TMI® Project Manager to ensure compliance with the established scope of work. 

A vital component to the success of any of our installations is the services of Tube-Mac® Field Technicians. The best system in the world can become the worst if not laid-out and installed properly.

The combined services provided by TMI® Field Technicians and our Global Customer Support results in total quality assurance and a significant cost savings to our customers.