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Cost Comparison; Flange Systems

TMI® non-welded vs. Welded Piping Systems

TMI® non-welded piping systems take less time to install and oil flush than conventional welded piping systems that have been acid pickled and oil flushed thus resulting in an overall cost savings of 35-45%. Read on to find out how…

General Labour

  • No special skilled labour required to flare the pipe vs. qualified welder.

Time Savings

  • Actual flaring time is measured in “seconds” vs. “hours” for a welded joint.

No Permits

  • No special hot work permits or fire watch personnel required.

Leak Free

  • TMI® non-welded connections are stress-free and leak free vs. added stresses from welding especially with misaligned fittings.
  • Stress fatigue in welds results in leaks.

Low Maintenance

  • TMI® non-welded Flanged joints make it easy to add or change components vs. torch cutting and re-welding to add or modify a welded system.

Reduce Fittings

  • Field bent pipe 90 and 45 degrees reduces component cost.
  • Field bending creates less pressure drop, which equals horsepower savings.

No X-Ray

  • No X-Ray required with a TMI® non-welded Piping System vs. time and money to X-Ray high-pressure welds.

Oil Flush ONLY

  • No acid flush chemicals and neutralizers are required.
  • No added cost or environmental issues regarding the disposal of chemical waste.
  • The system fluid will be used in the flushing procedure and will remain in the pipe to be used for system operation.
  • Oil is polished to the desired ISO cleanliness level.
  • Guaranteed clean vs. no guarantee the welded system is clean after pickling
  • Flushing time is measured in “hours” vs. “days” to acid pickle and flush a welded system.
  • Results in lower overall cost.

The following is a cost comparison summary of a typical hydraulic piping project:

Sample Project

Location: United States of America
Pipe Range: 1/2” through 6”

TMI® Piping System Cost Welded Piping System Cost
Materials     75,793.07 Materials     60,350.52
Labour   195,096.77 Labour   220,612.90
Flushing     83,612.90 Flushing   225,754.83
TOTAL $354,502.74 USD TOTAL $506,718.25 USD
Installed and guaranteed the system is clean!!!! Installed but NO guarantee the system is clean????


  • Overall cost savings, installed and flushed, utilizing a TMI® non-welded Piping System
    = Total Cost Savings $152,215.51 USD. Percent Savings 43%
  • The TMI® non-welded Piping System is faster to install and flush.
    = Savings of 1,520 Man-hours.
  • Commissioning and Start-up time is greatly reduced.
    = Additional Savings realized by the contractor but not included in this example.

The material cost of a Tube-Mac® non-welded Piping System is marginally higher than a comparable welded system, however the labour cost and the cost to flush more than offset the increased material cost.

General Notes:

  • This price comparison is based our knowledge and experience with TMI® non-welded Piping Systems.
  • We have compiled information provided to us from general contractors to prepare this comparison. Tube-Mac® is not responsible for the accuracy of the information as provided.
  • This price comparison is based on a typical installation with pressure and return lines varying in size from 1/2” schedule 80 through 6” XXS pipe.
  • All pipe and material take-offs were done on an equal basis for both systems.
  • The TMI® non-welded piping system utilized field bent pipe versus welded elbow fittings.
  • All cost figures were adjusted to reflect a contractor's purchasing practices.
  • All labour rates were the same for both systems – the cost difference relates to the man-hours required to install each system.
  • The labour times used are based on industry standards. Welding man-hours were based on the standard GTAW (TIG) welding for the root and one pass.
  • Flushing a TMI® non-welded System requires no chemicals only the system oil. A welded system requires extensive cleaning with chemicals, followed by neutralizing and disposal of chemical waste.
  • Chemical cleaning companies refuse to offer a fixed price, as they have no idea of the amount of welding contamination inside the pipe they have to clean until they begin the process. An estimate was furnished to us for the purposes of this comparison with the note that the actual cost could very well be higher.
  • The installation tools and flushing equipment rentals were NOT factored into the cost of either system.