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The weldless, threadless way to join pipe/tube. For more information, enter site

The PYPLOK® connecting system is a weld-less, thread-less way to join pipe. It has a successful history in the most demanding environments where fire safety is essential as well as a quick and easy solution to maintenance repairs.

Using a portable, hand-held installation tool, couplings are cold worked and permanently compressed onto the piping, thus forming a permanent leak-tight seal. There are three seals: a metal-to-metal seal, an inner o-ring seal and an outer o-ring seal. The outer o-ring seal prevents outside contaminants from entering the system.

The PYPLOK® couplings are available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel Type 316L and Copper Nickel 70/30. Available in sizes from 1/4” to 4” nominal pipe, from 6mm to 60mm metric tube and from 1/4" to 2" O.D. tube. Allowable pressure up to 9,300 PSI (640 BAR). The o-ring seals are made of Viton-E and have an operating temperature range of –65° F to +400° F (–54° C to +205° C).

The use of the Tube-Mac PYPLOK® connecting system eliminates the extensive requirements and costs of welding such as a welder and consumables, hot work permits, fire watch, flushing and purging, gas freeing, radiography and certification. Repairs and pipe installations can be made safely, quickly and easily with the PYPLOK® System, minimizing the duration of shutdown periods.

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