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Cost Comparison; PYPLOK® Fittings

Benefits of PYPLOK weldless fittings versus welded fittings:

  • No special skilled labour required vs. qualified welder
  • Actual swaging time in “seconds” vs. “hours” for a welded joint
  • No special hot work permits
  • No fire watch personnel required
  • No leaks as a result of stress fatigue cracks as seen in welds
  • No off loading or purging of fluids and gases
  • No cost to x-ray welds
  • No cost to re-work welds
  • No acid flush chemicals and neutralizers required
  • No added cost or environmental issues to dispose of chemical waste
  • SAFE and easy to install in tight confined places
  • SAFE permanent, tamper proof connection
  • SAFE cold work fitting technology

Cost Comparison: PYPLOK® vs. Welded

Swaging 394 PYPLOK® fittings versus welded on USS Harry W. Hill (DD-986)

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